Homecoming : Taguchi Workshop Painted Complete Set Z (1:220)

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!!! This piece will take about a week from the time you order it, to the time you need it!!!
Taguchi Workshop Pre-painted Finished Product Z (1/220) Size

Size: approx. 430 x 160 x 95mm high
Production: June 2011
The case is not included. Can be made separately.
Model railway carriages and power packs are not included.
It uses Z gauge rails, so it can be used as a display stand for Z gauge vehicles.
The vehicles shown in the photo are for staging purposes only and are not included.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

After a few hours on the train, I finally arrived at the small station in my old hometown.

In the city there are many buildings and cars, but here it is just the same as in the past.
I feel like a lot of things have gotten smaller in a little while.
As I walked up the hill, I could see my mother working in the field.
As I walked up the hill, I saw my mother doing stray work, and she too looked a little smaller.
"Hi, Mum!�@I'm home!

�ƒTaguchi Workshop
This is a workshop specializing in "reproduction of dioramas of the original landscape of Japan up to about the Showa 30s and early 40s" in Z gauge.
In spite of the miniscule scale of 1/220, except for the dolls and the railway carriages, almost everything is handmade, and with this craftsmanship, the nostalgic Japanese scenes are beautifully reproduced.
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