Showa 30's Home Town of Memories : Taguchi Kobo Finished product Z(1:220)

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Taguchi Workshop Pre-painted Z (1/220) Scale

Size: approx. 1380 x 390 x 300mm high
Production: December 2012
Winner of the "TMS COMPETITION 2012" honorable mention (featured in TMS March 2013 issue 848 and April 2013 issue 849).
The case is not included. Case not included, can be made separately.
Model railway carriages and power packs are not included.
Uses Z gauge rails, so can be used as a display stand for Z gauge vehicles.
The carriages shown in the photo are for staging purposes only and are not included.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Summer in the 1950s, when I was still a schoolboy.
It was another fine morning and the clouds were visible in the distance. Mixed in with the sound of cicadas, we could hear the whistle of a locomotive approaching the station.
I ran out of the house in my swimming trunks and ran as fast as I could towards the sea.
As I passed the beach hut, I could hear my friends cheering.
It's the home of the summer, when there was less stuff, less worries, more sun and smiles.

�ƒTataguchi Workshop
We are a workshop specializing in the "reproduction of dioramas of the original landscape of Japan up to about the Showa 30s and early 40s" in Z gauge.
In spite of the tiny scale of 1/220, except for the dolls and the railway cars, almost everything is handmade, and with this craftsmanship, we can beautifully reproduce the nostalgic Japanese scenes.
Other works by Taguchi Kobo
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