Landscape with Roses : Chizuko Sato Sugarhouse Painted 1:12 Scale

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Chizuko Sato Sugarhouse Prepainted 1/12

Size (approx): 300mm (W) x 210mm (D) x 350mm (H)

A kitchen scene is represented in a wine box.
The LED lights are activated by a switch attached to the back of the cable. The LED lights are controlled by a switch attached to the cable. The transparent plate on the front of the work (with arched shape) can be pulled upwards.
Some of the parts are commercially available, but they have been rearranged to create a look that is unique to Sato and to fit in with his work.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

On the outskirts of a quiet town in France, the entrance area is decorated with pink roses.
The wooden doors and bicycles look old, but they have been treated with the same care as the plants.
With roses in the front basket, is it time to go out?
We have created a scene in a wine box.

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