Garden Shed in the middle of the hill : Chizuko Sato Sugarhouse - painted 1:12 scale

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Chizuko Sato Sugarhouse Prepainted 1/12

Size (approx): 340mm (W) x 240mm (D) x 345mm (H)

A landscape with a garden shed on a base made of tamo wood.
Styrene paper is used to represent the bricks and cobblestones of the building.
This is a weathered garden shed on a sloping path at the entrance to a large forest.
We have used some commercially available parts, but we have not left them as they are, but have arranged them in a way that is unique to Sato and fits in with his work.
The clear acrylic case is for transportation (as shown in the photo. The transparent acrylic case is used for transportation (as shown in the photo, it is cracked) and is delivered once. A new case will be sent to you at a later date for your viewing pleasure.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

A garden shed on the slope at the entrance to a large forest.
Behind the garden shed at R-cottage there is a large garden. There are lots of flowers and vegetables in the garden.
Peter the rabbit has been playing tricks in the garden shed today.
"Peter! Peter! You can't eat those flowers. We have created a scene to go with this story.

We also have Artwork by Chizuko Sato of Sugarhouse for you to look at.

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