Frame work 'Kitchen*Italian Style' : Chizuko Sato Sugarhouse painted 1:12 scale

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Chizuko Sato Sugarhouse Prepainted 1/12

Size (approx): 160mm (W) x 100mm (D) x 210mm (H)

The kitchen scene is represented in the frame.
With button battery operated lighting on the underside of the bottom. The light comes from the ceiling.
All parts are pre-glued.
The front acrylic panel can be opened towards the top. The text on the acrylic panel is handwritten.
The outer surface of the body has a plaster-like finish.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

The interior of the frame has a plaster-like wall surface, which is complemented by a brown frame.
The off-white plaster-like walls are strikingly complemented by black pans, pots and other cooking utensils.
The shelves under the central window are also filled with cooking utensils and ingredients.
Vegetables and cakes are made of resin clay.
The basket is hand-knitted with wire.

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