I'll give you a protector : Kumi Chikada Painted non-scale

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Kumi Chikada Pre-painted Non-scale

Size (approx): 65mm (W) x 35mm (D) x 65mm (H)

Materials: paper, acrylic, paper clay, hinoki wood, cloth, etc.

Note: This shape is placed on a desk or shelf and viewed from the side. Please look at it as if you are looking into it.
�@All parts are glued together and the frame cannot be removed.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Today is Christmas!
While the Kamineko was handing out presents... A family of snowmen were standing there. The snowman and his family were standing in the snow, and we gave them a hat to keep them out of the snow.
All the parts inside are original and handmade

�ƒKamineko - Miniature Dollhouse - Series
This series of small dioramas in frames depicts a scene with a "Kamineko".
Only Chikada's original character "Kamineko" seems to have escaped from the world of illustration in this strange and cute work.
The framed style is suitable for storage and appreciation, making it a great gift idea.

We also have Kumi Chikada's work for your viewing pleasure.

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