Pictorial book All about a Sucottu Gurei (Japanese Book)

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This catalog was created to commemorate the exhibition "All about a Sucottu Gurei," held at Sakatsu Gallery from February 25 to March 5, 2023.

Published February 2023
A4 size, 36 pages, all in color
Published by Sucottu Gurei

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

Great as a resource, a collection!
introduces 38 representative works by "Hakoniwa Tsukurishi Sucottu Gurei," who creates small diorama works that are detailed, unique, and warm. The exhibition is fun for women and children as well as for enthusiasts.

(excerpted from this publication : The text is Japanese)
framed art and dioramas, it's a tiny world in the palm of your hand
Try , pick it up, and take a peek inside!

there is a dense jungle
The Arctic land of chills
Medieval Devil's Castle that keeps people away
is a post-human extinction world...

you will see various times and various spaces that could be called infinite!
Sukotsugure, the master of the Hakoniwa Garden, invites you to this enchanting world!
Welcome to the infinite parallel universe...
Welcome to an enchanted other world...

Mr. Sucottu Gurei List of Works

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