Old type Washing Machine with Hand Wringing Roller painted : Echo Model Finished product HO(1:80) 1418

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Made by Echo Model, painted and finished, 1 piece, 1/80 size, approx. 2cm for a 170cm doll

A washing machine from a Showa era household.�@The old washing machine didn't have a centrifugal dewatering machine to blow the water out of the machine, but instead squeezed the laundry through the two rollers.�@
This product is from that era and comes with a thin wire handle to turn the rollers, so please don't lose it and be very careful when fitting it.
It's the perfect way to travel back in time to the Showa era.

This is a hand-painted item, so the paint may vary from time to time.
Please refer to the 1cm square shown together for the size of the product.

Material: Metal
Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

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