Trestle (Cantilever: Wooden Type) 2sets : ECHO Model Unpainted Kit HO(1:80) 171

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Unpainted kit by Echo Model 1/80 size

This is a metal overhead line pole.
Ideally, the white metal parts should be soldered with low temperature solder and the other parts should be soldered, but it is also possible to use only instant adhesives.
Type: Cantilever/ wooden type
Number of pieces: 2 pairs
Material: White metal, Western white, brass

The third image is an image of the Echo Model range of overhead wire poles, not all of which are included in the product.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is an orthodox form of overhead line pole which can be used for a wide range of applications from main line to narrow.
Traditionally, the majority of overhead line pole products have been made of plastic, but this product is made entirely of metal, which gives it a sharp and delicate finish.
It consists of a white metal column, a finely perforated 1.2 x 1.2 mm angle made of nickel silver and a 0.4 mm diameter brass wire. The suspension insulators are made of roto and can be fitted with tension lines. The communication insulators are cast in one piece with the column.
Ideally the white metal parts should be cold soldered and the other parts soldered, but it is also possible to use only instant adhesives.
By adjusting the installation dimensions in relation to the track, the product is suitable for a variety of situations.

�ƒEchomodel Overhead Poles
Cantilevered/ wooden type
Cantilever/Rail type
Cantilever/Wooden type
Trigonometric type

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