Pole transformer set (poles only) 3sets : ECHO MODEL Unpainted Kit HO(1:80) 148

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Unpainted kit by Echo Model HO (1/80), human height is about 2cm size

This is a set of 3 poles, for pole transformers.Note:The transformer itself is not included.
If you want to reproduce the PC concrete poles, you can use the supplied bamboo poles instead of
If you want to recreate the PC concrete poles, we recommend using 3mm diameter plastic rods (sold separately) instead of the supplied bamboo poles.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Poles for pole transformers, a set of 3 poles.
Note:The transformer itself is not included.

This product is perfect for the Showa era scenic models.

Pole Top Transformer Set (1 set of poles)

Pole Transformer Set (Pole Only) 3 Pairs
Pole (A) 2 Packs
Pole (B) 2 Pairs
Pole (C) 2 Pairs

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