Extension Always Lighting 10 with extension cord (for LED with connector, 10 lights can be installed) : KEIGOO Electronic Parts Non-scale 99015

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KEIGOO Electronic Parts Non-scale

This product is a board for expansion.
LEDs are sold separately.
Compatible with chip LED connector made by Sakatsu.

Number of LED connection terminals 10

Approximate body size
Size 30 mm (W) x 20 mm (D) x 7 mm (H)

Cord for expansion included
(approx. 30cm long)

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

Basic Always Lighting 10LED control board for expansion, to be used in conjunction with
can be expanded by connecting up to 10 LEDs with connectors or pins.
When combined with multiple, up to 40 lights can be added from a single power supply.

If you want to flash the LED, please combine it with the "Ultra Miniature Controller" (sold separately).

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LED with connector
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Basic Board
Basic Always Lighting 10

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