Construction fence B : Sankei kit N(1:150) MP04-77

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Sankei Paper (Paper) Kit N (1/150) Size

Miniatuart Petit: Nostalgic Diorama Series Diorama Option
Set includes: Laser sheet (2 sheets), Assembly instructions
Size when completed: 36 x 12.5mm
Age range: 12 years and over
Assembly time: approx. 30 minutes

The photos are examples of work provided by the manufacturer. Please note that colour tones and details may vary. Ground, trees and figures are not included.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This fence is ideal for construction sites and work sites.
The three pieces of fence are connected and can be used straight, bent slightly to form a curve, or bent at right angles to form an L-shape.
The round concrete base at the foot is also a perfect representation!

What is the difference between this fence and Construction Fence A?

The number of fences has been reduced. Note The height of the fence is higher than that of the construction fence A.
Note Note:About 4mm higher

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