Construction site accessories : Sankei Kit N (1:150) MP04-67

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Sankei Paper (Paper) Kit N (1/150) Size

Miniatuart Petit: Nostalgic Diorama Series Diorama Option
Set includes: Laser sheet (4 sheets), Assembly instructions
You can make 7 types of construction display boards, 2 types of barricades (8 pieces), 3 arrow boards, manhole screens, manholes, 2 shovels, 7 iron sheets, 4 coloured cones and bars.
Size when finished: around 10mm
Age range: 12 years and over
Assembly time: approx. 2 hours

The photos are examples provided by the manufacturer. Please note that colour tones and details may vary. Ground, trees and figures are not included.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This set of accessories is ideal for construction sites and construction sites.
The items are especially suitable for road construction. The colours are flamboyant, so just by placing them in your diorama, you can change the mood and atmosphere a little.

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