Studio Ghibli mini My Neighbor Totoro [Mei and the Catbus] : Sankei Kit Non-scale MP07-04

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Sankei Paper (Paper) Kit Non-Scale

Studio Ghibli mini My Neighbor Totoro [Mei and the Cat Bus]
Set includes: Laser sheets A to I (9 sheets)
�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@Base (7 sheets)
�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@Green set (green powder, sponge)
�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@Assembly instructions
Size: Package
�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@W60 x D60 x H60 (107) mm
�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@Note: Dimensions in parentheses are when the diorama is mounted
Age range: 12 years and over
Time required for assembly: approx. 2 hours -
Planning: Studio Ghibli, Sankei
(C)1988 Nibariki-G

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Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

The world of the Studio Ghibli films is now available in an "introductory edition"!

Mei is worried about her mother, so she goes to the hospital alone. But she gets lost on the way...
When Satsuki realises that Mei has disappeared, she asks Totoro to help her find her with the Catbus.
I'm sorry. Satsuki rides the Nekobus over May's head as she cries out "O-Nee-Chan! On a 54mm square base, you can create a beautiful mini diorama of My Neighbour Totoro!

�E½ƒMore to come!

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