Precision Cutter : Tamiya Tool 74053

Precision Cutter : Tamiya Tool 74053

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Tamiya Cutter Knife

A sharp-edged cutter essential for fine work.
Material: Holder: Stainless steel
�E½@�E½@ Blade: SK-2 carbon tool steel

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This sharp-edged cutter is indispensable for fine work.
The cutting edge is easy to reach in tight spaces and is useful for cutting masking tape and decals.
The holder part is slim, easy to grip and made of durable stainless steel.
The blade is made of high quality SK-2 carbon tool steel, which also features a sharp cutting edge.

�E½ƒSuitable replacement blades
Fine Cutter Spare Blades 10pcs

Small Cutter Knife A Plus
Hyper AL for large cutter knife
Replacement blade for large cutter knife
Saw blade (for large cutter knife) 1 piece
Hobby Saw

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