The Witch's Delivery Service [Town of Koriko] : Sankei Kit 1:220 MK07-16

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Sankei Paper (Paper) Kit 1/220 Scale

Miniatuart Kit
Set includes: Laser sheet A-N (14 sheets)
Roof sheet (1 sheet)
Printing sheet (1 sheet)
Plastic sheet (1 sheet)
Base (1 sheet)
Trees (sponge)
Coloured sand
Assembly instructions
Scale: S=1/220
�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@Note:Kiki is non-scale
. Size when completed: W140xD97xH130mm
Age range: 12 years old and up
. Assembly time: approx. 15 hours
Planning: Studio Ghibli, Sankei Corporation
From the film "The Witch's Delivery Service" [The Town of Koriko]

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Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

In the movie "The Witch's Delivery Service", Kiki and Gigi ride a broom to this big town with a nice clock tower.
This town is where the witch's training begins...

They ride a train across the sea to the town of Colico, where the clock tower is the symbol of the town. Kiki and Gigi arrive in the town. Kiki and Gigi have arrived in the town of Colico, which has been recreated in Minichuato!

///Please check the scale ///////////////////////////
Buildings, cars, etc. are S=1/220, but Kiki is Non-scale.

Basic Tool Set
Vine Neck Tweezers
Precision Cutter
Tight Bond

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