Nadeshiko: Wako Material 1:12 G-35

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WAKOSHA Paper (Paper) Kit 1/12

Paper Creation Series
Pink Nadeshiko
This kit is a detailed model of the horticultural species of pink nadezhiko.
A fun kit to create miniature plants out of paper.
The paper material is precisely cut out by laser and the result is very small (see scale indication) and precise.

Number of kits: 24 large and 27 small flowers (approx. 20)
Main material: Recycled paper
Secondary material: ground wire

The photo shows a painted example provided by the manufacturer. Please note that packaging design and details may vary.
Note:Ground, pot, doll, etc. are not included.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This material is from the Paper Creation Series, which pursues the expression of plants and trees on paper.
The delicate and precise cuts are all pre-cut by laser. Once you've painted them in the colour of your choice to dye them, just cut each part off the backing paper, glue it together and you're done!
The paper material can be cut, bent and arranged in any way you like. This is a great way to get the exact look of the plant you want.

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