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Wako Paper (paper) Kit 1:12

Paper Creation Series
This is a kit to enjoy creating miniature plants using paper. The paper material is precisely cut out by laser engraving and cutting, and the finished product is very small (please refer to the scale indication) and detailed.
This kit is a "trial" assortment.

The assembled photos are painted examples provided by the manufacturer. Please note that package design and details may vary. Ground, pots, dolls, etc. are not included.

product contents
1 sheet of laser cut paper
1 artificial flower wire for sunflowers (long)
5 artificial flower wires (short)
Assembly instruction 1 sheet

size when completed
Artificial flower wires are about 12 cm long and 6 cm short, so stems can be made with less than that length.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

Keywords: wako, wako, kamizukuri, tulip, cosmos, sunflower

I made a diorama with "WOODLAND SCENICS Rock Skin Kit" and "Wako Paper Kit" (Video Production: Gumi Miniature)

These materials are from the "Paper Creation Series," which pursues the expression of plants and trees on paper.
The delicate and intricate cuts have all been laser cut out. After painting them to be dyed in the color of your choice, simply detach each part from the base paper and glue them together to complete the process!
paper material, so it can be cut, bent, and arranged in any way you like. It is recommended if you want to accurately express the plant you are aiming for.

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