Scene Box "HONDA RINGYO" : Takashi Kawada Pre-painted, Non-scale

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Takashi Kawada Pre-painted Non-Scale (1/12-18 Mixed Scale)

Set includes...
Diorama (circular, approx. 295mm diameter)
Diorama (outer box, 355 x 350 x 320mm)
Car (Honda T360, Super Cub C100 fixed on the back)
Motorbike (Honda CB K Zero)

Electric lights...
Uses one 100V household outlet. There is a connector for the cable on the back of the work. There is a switch in the middle of the cable.

The outer box is made of laminated styrene board. The T360 light truck and the C100 Super Cub are customized from commercially available paper crafts.
The building is made from paper scratch.
The Honda CBk Zero has been painted with an aged finish.
Cars and bikes are 1/12scale
. The buildings in the background are designed to be a little smaller than the bikes and cars, 12scale to 15scale to increase the density of the artwork.
�œ Cars and bikes are 1/12scale.
Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Down a narrow, tapered alleyway
down a narrow, tapering alleyway
Honda Wigyo, a motorbike shop with the aroma of the Showa era

The company was founded in 1963.
The owner is known for his love of Honda. The shop has been in business since 1963, and the owner, a Honda enthusiast, is a stubborn and quarrelsome man with an old-fashioned temperament.
He has a passion for motorbikes and cars.
His pride and joy is his T360 mini-truck, powered by a tuned water-cooled four-cylinder DOHC engine. The dual mufflers produce a very light sound and the ride is still as active as the owner.

What is a 'Joukei Bako'? A miniature diorama in the size of the palm of your hand, packed full of scenes in a box.
... But this is a special version! This is a large scale diorama with a nostalgic brushstroke touch, just like a hand-drawn illustration, but with all the charm of Kawada's world.
It's great for personal ownership or for a special display in your shop!

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