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Takashi Kawada Pre-painted 1/12 Scale

Set includes...
Diorama (car is already glued and fixed to the artwork)

External dimensions of the work...
(300 x 415 x 290mm)

(300 x 415 x 290mm) Type of car
Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300GTA

The building in the background is removable

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 GTA, the most beautiful coupe in the world.
This is a representation of such Giulia using commercial paper craft.
Only the outer body of the kit has been reproduced, but in this work we have fully scratched the interior.

Wood steering wheel, bucket seats without headrests,
Four-point seat belts, the Alfa Romeo's distinctive dashboard shift lever,
Red chequered mats, etc.

The background is designed to make the Alfa Romeo look even cooler and more attractive.
The building itself is in Italian colours.

In 2014, when I made my masterpiece "Our Secret Base",
The luminescence of the sign letters on the roof, which I was not able to express at the time, I was able to express this in this work.
This is my favorite point.

ALFAROMEO!" in a darkened room.

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