Scene Box - VW's BASE SURF - Takashi Kawada - painted, Non-scale

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!!! Orders containing this piece will be delivered in late September 2020!!!
Please note that this work will be exhibited at the "5th Emotional Box Art Exhibition" from 5-22 September 2020.

Takashi Kawada Pre-painted non-scale figure

Work size: 115mm (W) x 110mm (H) x 65mm (D)

Note: The diorama is separated from the case by an exit at the back. There is a clear acrylic panel between the case and the diorama, which is illuminated with LEDs. Battery holder with switch on the back (1 CR2032)

What is the Joukei Bako
? A mini diorama in the size of your hand. The dioramas are designed to look like hand-drawn illustrations with a nostalgic brushstroke touch.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

A surf shop run by a VW-loving old man.
The sun is slowly setting behind the slowly flowing clouds.
Will there be good waves tomorrow?
It's time to close the shop.

Scenic Box
A series of miniature dioramas in the size of the palm of your hand, created by Takashi Kawada.
The charm of this work is the precision condensed into a minuscule world and the nostalgic brushstroke touch of a hand-drawn illustration.
A great addition to any collection or gift!

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