BBD "Racing is Life" : Takashi Kawada, Diorama art work 1:64

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Takashi Kawada Painted 1:64 scale

Artwork size: W10cn x D16cm x H12cm

Miniature car model:Alfa Romeo TZ2

Remarks: Two battery boxes and switches. Uses four CR2032 coin cell batteries.
Top lid comes off for display and photography.

What is BBD (Black Box Diorama)?
BBD is Kawada's new series, which is a development of his "JOUKEIBAKO" series of extremely small diorama works.
The work is placed inside a black box, and the viewer looks through the opening of the box. By blocking out the light and limiting the direction from which the work can be viewed, the work appears to float in the dark space, allowing the viewer to become even more immersed in the world of the artwork.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

Racing is Life" (video created by Sakatsu Gallery)

This is an original representation from Kawada's point of view of a race scene from the Targa Florio, a public road car race held on the Italian island of Sicily.

A family takes chairs from the platform and lines them up on the side of the road to watch the game.
The boys lie down just at the corner and hold up their cameras.
must have been a familiar and fun event for the townspeople of the time.

This is the scene in this film where we sit in the shade of a tree and put on the scoreboard as we watch the racing cars race through the city.
with a beer in one hand, of course.

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