Scene Box "Just Dimly Watching the Flames" : Takashi Kawada Pre-painted 1:72

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Takashi Kawada Pre-painted 1/72 Scale

Set includes...
Diorama (miniature car already glued and fixed to the piece)
Transparent case (65 x 65 x 65mm)
Cosmetic box

Electrical decoration
Powered by one CR2032 coin cell. The switch is located on the side of the work base.

What is a 'Joukei-Bako'
? A mini diorama in the palm of your hand, packed full of scenes in a box.

These dioramas are the result of a combination of detail and nostalgic brush strokes that give the appearance of hand-drawn illustrations.
They're made as a series of pieces with matching case sizes, so they're great for collections, gifts!

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

A precious time to empty your mind and just watch the flame in a daze.

The sound of the waves repeating, the flames flickering.
The sound of the waves repeating, the flames flickering....

What is a 'Scene Box'
? A scene packed into a box, a mini diorama in the size of the palm of your hand.
The dioramas have been designed with the same attention to detail as the hand-drawn illustrations, but with a touch of nostalgia.
The series is produced in a series of matching case sizes, making it a great addition to any collection or gift!

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