Scene Box "Summer in Sicily" : Takashi Kawada Pre-painted 1:64

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Takashi Kawada Pre-painted 1/64 Scale

The Scene Box series is a smartphone-sized (palm-sized), stylish way to shape scenes with cars
. They come in a lovely package and make a great gift!

Set contents...
Diorama (miniature cars already glued and fixed to the artwork)
Transparent case (65 x 65 x 97mm)
Decorative box

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

In the Sicilian summer, the intense sun makes the sea and the city glow white.
All over Italy people come to holiday on this island, where the temperature rises but the humidity is not so high that it is comfortable when the wind is blowing.
You don't have to be Italian to enjoy the summer here.
And then there's the Volkswagen Beetle Convertible, which may look a bit crappy, but it'll put you in a good mood for long days.
Now all you have to do is ask the Italian girl next to you.

�ƒScene Box
This is a palm-sized mini diorama created using paper, string and miniature cars.
The dioramas are made of paper, yarn and miniature cars, with a hand-painted touch that gives them a nostalgic feel, and an intricate detail that is condensed into a tiny world less than 10cm in size.
With a special box, it makes a great gift or collection.

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