Emotional Scene Box: A Journey with Old Minis "Halloween Special" : Takashi Kawada, painted 1:72

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Takashi Kawada Pre-painted 1/72 Scale

A series of smartphone-sized (palm-sized), stylishly shaped scene boxes featuring cars
. They come in a lovely package, making them a great gift idea!
When you shine a strong light, such as a smartphone light, on the light-guiding part of the bottom of this work, you can enjoy the expression as if a part of the work lights up.

Set contents...
Diorama (miniature cars already glued and fixed to the artwork)
Transparent case (65 x 65 x 97mm)
Handling instructions
Cosmetic box
Small display stand (can be displayed with the transparent case on. The display stand is equipped with a button cell and two LED lights, but the light output is not sufficient for this purpose.
Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

2:00 A.M. This piece shows the interaction between "Jack", the JKB delivery man, who comes to deliver a new bed (coffin), and "Jason", the gatekeeper of the museum.
A coniferous forest leading to an old castle, with a full moon and a canal beyond.
The deformed world of the terrain from the background is fascinating.
Especially the night view mode is a must!
Note: To enjoy the night view mode, you need to shine a strong light, such as a smartphone light, on the light guide at the bottom of the work.

A palm-sized mini diorama made from paper, string and miniature cars.

These miniature dioramas are made using paper, string and miniature cars, and have a nostalgic brushstroke touch, like a hand-drawn illustration.
It comes with its own decorative box and is recommended as a gift or for collection.

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