JIKEI BOX - A Journey with Old Minis "Waiting for the Wave" : Takashi Kawada, painted 1:72

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Takashi Kawada Pre-painted 1/72 Scale

A series of smartphone-sized (palm-sized), stylishly shaped scene boxes featuring cars
. They come in a lovely package, making them a great gift idea!
When you shine a strong light, such as a smartphone light, on the light-guiding part of the bottom of this work, you can enjoy the expression as if a part of the work lights up.

Set contents...
Diorama (miniature cars already glued and fixed to the artwork)
Transparent case (65 x 65 x 65mm)
Precautions for handling
Photo booklet "JOU KEI BAKO CONCEPT ALBUM vol.1"
Cosmetic box

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

The image is of the beach of Puerto Barrios in Guatemala, a country facing the Caribbean Sea.
Guatemala is a country that flourished with the Mayan civilisation and became a Spanish colony in the 1500s. The official language is Spanish.
This is a secluded part of the Caribbean Sea, so the waves are not very good and there are many sharks.
In this film, we stopped here on our way from Mexico to El Salvador.

"Waves...don't come..."
"They say sharks come to this sea. Yes..."

This is a mini diorama in the size of the palm of your hand, created using paper, string and miniature cars.

These mini dioramas are made from paper, string and miniature cars, and have a nostalgic brushstroke touch, just like a hand-drawn illustration.
It comes with its own decorative box and is recommended as a gift or for collection.

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