Takoyaki: Yakitori Rear Car Stall Series : Classic Story Unassembled Kit HO (1:87) ST-0031

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Classic Story unpainted kit HO (1/87) size

The photo shows an assembled and painted example provided by the manufacturer.
The photo shows a pre-assembled and pre-painted example of the kit, including the rear car, scenery stage, lanterns, light bulbs and light shades (sold separately).

Kit contents
Rear car stall x1, couch x1, simple table x1, round chair x2, goodwill, streamers, food
(Goodwill, banners and food are printed, please choose either "Takoyaki" or "Yakitori" to enjoy)

Size when completed
Including the rear car (sold separately), the dimensions of the rear car stall: W30mm, D28mm, H25mm

The kit is mainly made of wood, laser cut paper printed on both sides. The kit is made of wood and laser cut paper.
When combined with the Scene Stage and Chochin, also sold separately, you can enjoy a palm-sized scene.
Some parts are very thin, so please assemble with care.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

�E½ƒVarious types of stalls
Chinese noodles/Ramen

Rear Car
Takoyaki and Yakitori Lanterns
LED bulb colour
Dimmable Power Supply for LED
Scene Stage

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