Light Rail Sleeper Set HO2 (6.5mm gauge) Code 40 only 2pcs : Classic Story Unpainted Kit HO(1:87) PAR-0002

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ClassicStory unpainted kit in HO (1/87) size

Two sets of 15cm straight lines on runners
In order to reproduce the atmosphere of this product, the design has been modified over time.
Sleepers for HO Narrow (HO2, 6.5mm gauge) and Code 40 rails only. Rails sold separately.
Recommended rail: Micro Engineering No. 40 rail

Wood glue, especially tight glue, is recommended for fixing both base and sleeper and sleeper and rail. Please adhere firmly until dry.
The photo shows a pre-assembled and painted example, the base, carriages and rails are not included.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

HO Narrow (HO2, 6.5mm gauge) sleeper set for light railways. Of course, the usual wooden laser cutting is used, and ease of assembly is pursued to the utmost.

For the rails, please use the optional Micro Engineering Code 40.
Superfine laser cutting is used to reproduce the tired condition of the sleepers. The sleepers are not dismantled, but are mounted on runners and lined up in a comb-like pattern. Thanks to the runners, the sleepers can be laid in one go at just the right pitch and parallelism. In addition, the sleepers have been pre-grooved to fit the Code 40 rails, so that the rails can be laid easily and neatly.
This is a great way to add atmosphere to your layout, car display stand or mini diorama.
We also have HO2 (6.5mm) Value Pack and Pillow set for HOn2 1/2 (9mm) is also available.

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