DEEP SOUTH : Shin Tachikawa Painted 1:18

DEEP SOUTH : Shin Tachikawa Painted 1:18

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Shin Tachikawa Pre-painted 1/18 Scale

Work size (including case): approx. 360mm wide by 180mm deep by 240mm high

Note: Acrylic case included.
Bike is already fixed to the artwork.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a completely imaginary image of a saloon and an unkempt Harley in a dry area of the USA called the DEEP SOUTH, which is not a tourist destination. The image is of a corner of a dry and dusty town.

The bar is made of thin sheets of cypress, painted with antique paint before being attached. The letters SALOON are cut out with a thread saw.
For the bike, I dismantled a Maisto Harley and soaked the plated parts in Hasegawa Tri-tool for a few hours, then washed them thoroughly with water.
After erasing the parting lines and detailing, apply a strong weathering and reassemble.
The 1/18 model omits the headlight glass, which is painted in silver opaque plastic, so make your own transparent parts and add the brake and accelerator hoses, which are also omitted.

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