The Cradle of Monorail : Shin Tachikawa Finished product Non-scale

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Shin Tachikawa Pre-painted Non-scale

The Cradle of Monorail (Early Monorail)

Size (including case): approx. 260mm wide, 305mm deep, 310mm high

Note: All three pieces are fixed to the case. The acrylic case is specially bent to prevent lines from appearing.
This work was featured in the monorail feature in the monthly model railway magazine "RM Models No.299".

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

The early monorails were unique in their construction. For the older foreign monorails, drawings are not available, so drawings have been made from photographs.

Staple bicycle railway (lower section)
It was built in the late 19th century in New Jersey, USA, to help workers get to work faster. In the late 19th century it was built in New Jersey to help workers get to work faster.

Lartigue monorail (middle section)
Inaugurated in France in 1888, it was the world's first monorail for public transport. It is a steam engine and a replica is still running in a museum in Ireland. The carriages are unique in that they are split in two on either side of the rails.

Aerotrans 02 (top row)
This air-floating railway has been developed in France since 1969. With the addition of a rocket engine to the turboprop engine, a speed of 422 km/h has been recorded, but it has never been put into practical use.

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