Hakodate Main Line Himekawa Station : Shin Tachikawa Finished product N (1:150)

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Shin Tachikawa Pre-painted N(1/150) Size

Himekawa Station (Hakodate Line) in late autumn

Size (including case): 455mm wide, 205mm deep, 190mm high

Note: Acrylic case included.
This work was featured in the STATION feature of the monthly model railway magazine "RM Models 277". (Hakumaru Station and Himekawa Station)

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Created from a clear image I found while searching for DD51 Hokutosei passing through the station. It was an unmanned station with only a waiting room and a warehouse, but it is now closed.

The waiting room and storeroom are made of thin sheets of cypress, and the detectors and other equipment are all made by myself from brass wire and copper plate.
The dead grass, which is the most important part of this diorama, is made of old tree bark, moss mats from a 100 yen shop, fine dried flower leaves and various types of scenery powder, ground up on coarse sandpaper. Care should be taken to ensure that the grass is random as uniformity in height, density, type and colour will make it look like a golf course or park.
The various signs are taken from the station's images, modified with image processing software and printed in reduced size. The dead tree in the background is a Dutch dried flower (Supertree).

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