FERRARI 312T4 : Noboru Tachikawa Finished in painted leather 1:12

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Shin Tachikawa Pre-painted 1/12 Scale

Size (including case): approx. 465mm wide, 315mm deep, 240mm high

Base Kit: 1/12 FERRARI 312T4
Note: Specially bent acrylic case included to prevent lines from showing.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is the 1979 F1 Champion car, Ferrari 312T4, in which the legendary driver Gilles Villeneuve won the American Grand Prix.
It was dubbed the "ugly duckling" due to its unusual shape, but it was so reliable and easy to handle that it won the constructors' title.

Since the Tamiya model was released almost 30 years ago, the decals are completely deteriorated, so the TABU design decals are used.
The accelerator, brake and other pedals are machined from aluminium sheet.
To paint the machine, the surface of the plastic material was scraped to remove any distortions, then primed and polished with water-resistant paper to prepare the surface, then painted white. After applying water resistant paper and compound, the car was painted in Ferrari red. Decals were then applied and the car was painted with clear lacquer. After a couple of passes with the paper, it was polished with ceramic compound and finally waxed with model wax.

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