Sukeroku Kiso Forest Railway Uguigawa Line (Sukeroku Kiso Shinrin Tetsudo Uguigawa Sen) : Nankaru Publishing Bureau (Book)

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Language: Japanese only

Published on 30 September 2018

Sukeroku Kiso Forest Railway Uguigawa Line (Sukeroku Kiso Shinrin Tetsudo Uguigawa Sen)

A4 deformable size, total 144 pages + appendix folding graph
Published by: Nankei Publishing Bureau

Note:The official name of Ugui River is written in Chinese characters.
Note: The official name of the Ugui River is written in kanji, but hiragana is used because it is dependent on environmental characters.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

There is no way of knowing when and where the forest railway 'work lines', which were a series of piers and wooden bridges used to transport timber out of the forest, existed, as they are not shown on maps or forest service documents. The only people who lived in the Kiso-Ugui river basin were forestry workers, so it was not known to the outside world what lay in the interior.
In the following three years, several photographers have entered the Ugui River and recorded the amazing sight.
In this book we have selected some of the most spectacular scenes from these various works to illustrate the fascination of the working line and the Ugui River in all its glory.
The book introduces the structure of the 5t locomotive that worked on the working line, the details of the first working track in Kiso built in 1915, and includes illustrations of the structure of the wooden bridge and pier. The book is a must-have for forest railway fans and model enthusiasts.

The Proceedings of the 2017 Light Rail Festival, 'Light Rail Hymn VIII' , published simultaneously! Please check it out too.

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