Alishan Forest Railway : Nankaru Publishing Bureau (Book)

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Language: Japanese only

Published on 1 October 2017

Alishan Logging Railroad
A4 variant size, 144 pages + fold-out
Published by Nangong Publishing House

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

Ideal for documentation and collection!
The book, "Alishan Forest Railway 1966-1968", has been carefully selected from 2,500 photographs taken over a period of nearly one month, and includes 170 photographs, topographical illustrations and drawings to show the full extent of the Alishan Forest Railway's charm.
The unique Shay locomotives are introduced with original photos provided by the US archives and all the locomotives that once entered Japan, explaining their history, types and conduction mechanisms.
Incorporating newly dug up material, the book provides a background to the construction of such a large-scale forest railway by the Japanese in the late Meiji period.
This book provides an insight into the history of the forest railways in Japan, including the introduction of a revolutionary system of lumber collection and transport, and its originators.
The transcript of the 2016 Light Rail Festival, "Light Rail Anthem VII", was published at the same time! Please check it out too.

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