Telephone pole and photo shop : Satoru Ohoshima, diorama work 1:25 scale

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Satoru Ohshima Completed diorama, 1:25 size, approx. 7cm in height of a person

Size of the work: 150mm in diameter, 490mm in height

Base kit: The utility poles are made of capsule toys.

Note: Due to the handmade nature of this work, details may vary.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

The utility pole and the photo shop" (video production: Sakatsu Gallery)

Print your film camera at a photo shop. I look forward to seeing the finished photos.
The 1/25 big scale represents two-story stores and the height of utility poles that exceeded them. The model recreates the time when individual stores were energetically lined up in front of the station and along the street. To emphasize the height, the base is palm-sized. It can be displayed anywhere for your enjoyment.

This is the work of Satoru Ohshima, a brilliant winner of the Hamamatsu Diorama Grand Prix.
We hope you will have a copy of Oshima's work, which captures nostalgic retro Showa-era scenes and ordinary everyday scenes and turns them into emotionally stirring scenes.

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