375-10 Fire watch tower and Shrine : Modeling 375, diorama work 1:80 scale

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Modeling 375 Painted 1:80 scale

Artwork size (maximum dimensions): 210mm (W) x 160mm (D) x 170mm (H)

Base Kit: "Yokocho Inari" by M's Collection, "Fire Fighting Shed and Fire Watchtower" by Model Works

Remarks: 3 dolls included

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

Fire watch tower and Shrine (Video Production: Sakatsu Gallery)

In the region, there is a shrine next to the fire watch tower(Hinomi yagura), which gives it a Japanese flavor.
less, but it is still a work of art as a landscape that can be seen today.
The base kit used at is a combination of a fire watchtower and fire warehouse from Modelworks and a Yokocho Inari from M's Collection.
All kits are painted and some are modified and weathered.
The fire look has been made with a stronger rust expression to create an atmosphere of age.
Echo models and Baioudou accessories and self-made trees were added.
The base is 1mm thick Kent board for integration into layouts, etc.
All figures will be fixed except for those included with.
Please take advantage of. (Backgrounds are not eligible)

and moreModeling 375Please take a look at the works of

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