375-09 Local regional station building 'Nomoto Station' : modelling 375, Special Finished 1:80 scale

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Modeling 375 Painted 1:80 scale

Station building size (max. dimensions): 175mm (W) x 90mm (D) x 60mm (H)
Latrine size (maximum dimensions): 25mm (W) x 30mm (D) x 30mm (H)

Base Kit: M's Collection "Hometown Station - Small Wooden Station Building

Remarks: Roof, removable, with 2 LED lights. 3 dolls and 1 chair included.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

Nomoto Station (Video Production: Sakatsu Gallery)

This is a complete small wooden station kit from M's Collection.
The kit itself is fine without coloring, but the coloring gives a unique impression, so we repainted the whole thing to give it a common country station look.
I tried to create the atmosphere of a regional private railway, somewhat like a station building per Shinshu, but by all means, please use it in your layouts, modules, and so on.
The base of the kit was not used, but replaced with thick Kent paper, a simple but simple desk and loker inside, and oil cans and benches outside (fixed).
Easy, but we are installing lights made by Sakatsu Gallery.
It has been lightly weathered with pastels, dry brushing, and washing.
Also comes with 3 figures, a chair and a wooden toilet unfixed.
The station name is temporarily fixed, but please be careful when removing it.

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