Kamikanbai Station in spring : Modelling 375 diorama work 1:80scale 375-01

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Modeling 375 Painted 1:80 scale

Size (including base): 297mm (W) x 210mm (D) x 150mm (H)

Base Kit (Station Building): Baioudou "Kamikanbai Station 1:80
Base Kit (Toilet): "Toilet Hut A 1:83" by Baioudou

Note: There are many parts that are temporarily fixed or unfixed for easy transplanting or additional modification to your layout or diorama.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

Kamikanbai Station in spring (video production: Sakatsu Gallery)

Modeling 375, which specializes in special finished products of building kits.
The perfect balance between the level of perfection that can be achieved even when displayed as is, and the detailing and weathering paint job that doesn't make too much of a statement!
For a good price balance, he used base kits.

This product is available temporarily fixed or unfixed for easy transplanting and additional processing to your layout or diorama.
You can also easily transfer it to your own work and decorating it with electric lights and interior items.
It also comes with figures and accessories that can easily be arranged to create your own story.
It is also very useful and versatile as a set of props for miniature photo shoots.

This work shows a retro Showa scene, popular as a small country station in the mountains with Kamikanbai Station and "Toilet Hut A"use.
Come with students and cherry blossoms in full bloom! They are useful for seasonal production.

And moreModeling 375Please take a look at the works of

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