Art Frame "Autumn" : Sucottu Gurei Non-Scale Diorama

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Completed diorama produced by Sucottu Gurei, Non-Scale

Size (approx.): 150mm (width), 50mm (depth), 195mm (height)

Attention: Please note
Please note that it can stand on its own, but falls over easily.
There are metal fittings for wall-hanging on the back. It is also possible to hang it on the wall by putting a string through it by yourself.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

Art Frame "Autumn" (Video Production: Sakatsu Gallery)

This framed work features seasonal trees in the windows of a Western-style house.
The landscape is cut out of a frame, but the appeal of this creation is that it extends its branches outside the frame to give the viewer a sense of the expansion of the world of the work.
The window is represented by a translucent material, allowing the light behind it to gently filter through.
It can be displayed either freestanding at or hanging on the wall, making it ideal for seasonal decoration in your room.<

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