When Hydrangeas Bloom : Takahiro Imai Painted 1:24 scale

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Completed diorama produced by Takahiro Imai, 1:24 size

Size (including case): 215mm wide, 215mm deep, 265mm high
Note:There is a part of the insert of the assembled case missing.

Gold Prize winner of the 2nd SMALL WORLDS TOKYO Miniature Contest

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

When Hydrangeas Bloom" (Video Production: Sakatsu Gallery)

This is the work of Takahiro Imai, who can handle everything from rural scenes rich in nature to mechanical objects and fantastical scenes.
This work is the Gold Prize winner of the SMALL WORLDS TOKYO 2nd Miniatures Contest held in January 2022! It is the very same thing.
This is a small shrine nestled in the cliff. Even though the surrounding landscape has moved forward with the times, this is the only place where the silence has remained unchanged for decades...it is such a mysterious space. The work has a cool, moist atmosphere, and you can almost hear the sound of a small waterfall.

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