Baked sweet potato street vendor and Narrow-gauge railway station (with the motorized power car): Art Stage K - painted 1:87 size

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Art Stage K Finished Diorama HO Narrow HO (1:87) size People are about 2cm tall

Size (including case): Width 150mm Depth 170mm Height 168mm

About the car: HO Narrow (Base kit: "Uta-Nobori Town Railroad Super Small Self-propelled Passenger Car" by Narrow Garage) with driver installed. Headlights and taillights automatically switch as it moves forward and backward.
The track: 9mm gauge, R110mm, the included car can run
Power supply: 3 x AA batteries, integrated in the bottom of the base. Switches on the back of the base: speed controller (PWM control), direction of travel, lights on and off.

Note: Due to the handmade nature of this product, some details may vary.
Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

Baked sweet potato street vendor and Narrow-gauge railway station (video by Sakatsu Gallery)

Art Stage K specializes in mini-dioramas of model trains, miniature cars and other objects.
The late autumn scenery of light railways has been condensed into the size of a two-handed. This work comes with a built-in power supply and carriages, so you can enjoy running the train as soon as you receive it.

The artist has used his exceptional skills to create the smallest parts of his work with precision. The selection and arrangement of the elements that make up the scene are so clever that even though the work is small in size, it can be appreciated from 360 degrees.
In those days it was everywhere, an everyday scene that no one cared about.
is a nostalgic scene from the Showa era that will disappear before long and fade from people's memories. We hope you will enjoy it for yourself.

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