The Scenery I Saw Someday - Autumn Railway Crossing : Art Stage K - Finished product version 1:87 size

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Art Stage K Finished Diorama HO Narrow Display Stand HO (1:87) size People are about 2cm tall

Approximate size (including case): Width 126mm Depth 119mm Height 110mm
The case base and the round base of the onigurumi are screwed together and can be removed. When removed from the case, the piece measures 90x85x85mm
About the track: track width 9 mm, length approx. 65 mm, rail feeding is not considered.

Note: The railway cars, cars and dolls shown in the picture are for staging purposes only and are not included.

Note:Due to the handmade nature of this product, some details may vary.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

"Scenery I Saw Someday: A Level Crossing in Autumn" (Video Production: Sakatsu Gallery)

This is the work of "Art Stage K"which specializes in mini-dioramas of model trains, mini-cars, etc.
I made a level crossing on a base of onigurumi and combined persimmon, silver grass and chrysanthemum.

The artist's skill in selecting and arranging the elements that make up the scene is also impressive. The selection and arrangement of the elements that make up the scene are also skillful, so that even though the work is small in size, it can be appreciated and enjoyed from 360 degrees.
In those days, everyday scenes were ubiquitous and nobody paid any attention to them.
A nostalgic scene from the Showa era, which before long disappeared and faded from people's memories. We hope you will enjoy it for yourself.

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