[Model] Hanging scroll "Landscape in colors" : Matsumoto Craft Works Matsumoto Yoshihiko - Completed 1:12 scale 202

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Matsumoto Craft Works Matsumoto Yoshihiko - Completed 1:12 scale

Size (not including hanging cord, shaft tip, and wind bell): 37mm(W) x 135mm(H)

Remarks: Please be careful not to let the glue of the package come in contact with the hanging scroll when taking it out.
The main body of the hanging scroll is printed, but the paper parts are pasted together to give a three-dimensional effect. "Fuchin"(weight)s are made of beads and thread. Since it is not glued to the end of the shaft, it can express natural drooping.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

1/12 size, an essential hanging scroll for Japanese dollhouses and tokonoma (alcove).
paper parts are carefully pasted on top of each other to create a three-dimensional finish.
These are finished products that have taken a lot of work, but are available at a great price so that you can enjoy changing them. Please buy more than one to match your favorite one, the season, or your room setting.

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