6 tatami mat Japanese-style room with alcove and floor armpit : Matsumoto Craft Works Yoshihiko Matsumoto Painted 1:12 scale

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Matsumoto Craft Works Yoshihiko Matsumoto Painted 1:12 Scale

Artwork size: 410mm(W) x 340mm(D) x 231mm(H)

None in particular; the 6th and 7th pictures are for the Otsukimi scene.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

We have painstakingly produced a dollhouse-sized six-mat room with an alcove and a side alcove.
will allow you to enjoy this small Japanese world with a traditional flair as an interior for many years to come.
Tatami is made of natural igusa tatami mats.
All fittings such as shoji, ranma, fusuma, tenbukuro and jibukuro can be opened and closed.
is made on a 1/12 scale, the standard scale for dollhouses, so it can be decorated with Japanese-style fixtures and accessories that are commercially available for dollhouses.
Please enjoy the Japanese space with hanging scrolls, ornaments, and other items that match the changing of the seasons.
6 and the 7th photo is a moon viewing scene. Accessories are not included in the product.

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