Hojo-an: Matsumoto Craft Works - 1:12 Scale - Painted by Yoshihiko Matsumoto

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Matsumoto Craft Works YOSHIHIKO MATSUMOTO Pre-painted 1:12 Scale

Work size (including base): 445mm(W) x 380mm(D) x 290mm(H)
Remarks: Base panel and accessories included

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

I have made 1/12 size "Hojo-an", where Kamono Chomei is said to have written "Hojo-ki"(famous medieval essay), as faithfully as possible.
The roof can be removed to allow for easy movement of the interior furnishings.
All the walls are latticed except for the board door, which can be opened and closed.
In the centre of the 10-foot square room, there is a sunken hearth, above which pots and pans are hung from free hooks suspended from a fire shelf.
All the accessories shown in the photos are included in the package, such as the partition, the biwa, the sutra desk, the writing desk, the box table, the tableware, the kamado, etc.


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