Three tatami mats Tea ceremony room with cover : Matsumoto Craft Works YOSHIHIKO MATSUMOTO, painted, 1:12 scale

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Matsumoto Craft Works YOSHIHIKO MATSUMOTO Pre-painted 1:12 Scale

Work size (including base and case): 416mm(W) x 240mm(H) x 272mm(D)

Mizuya-dana, Koyohodana, Kakejiku, 2 Fuchin, Kake-kanagu, Ranma-gaku, Kadai, Robuchi, Gotoku, Robuta-tatami, Kakebana-ire, Hishaku, Kekkai, Furosaki-byobu, Tokonoma-kazari-ita, 4 Chawan, 3 Sara, 2 Tsubo, Chasen, Chashaku, 2 kobon

Note: Dustproof acrylic cover included

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

I have made a dollhouse size tea room of three tatami mats, which is soothing to the soul.
I hope you will enjoy this little world of Japanese tradition as an interior decoration.
The tea ceremony room is three tatami mats in size and has a Kiriro(hearth) with a Gotoku(stand) inside. Robuchi can be removed and covered with a Robuta-tatami.
The wall on the right has a shoji and a doorway. The outer side of the doorway is lined with wooden doors and stepping stones. There is a stone wash basin in the middle. The wooden door is opened by sliding the stopper knob.
At the far right of the room is an alcove. At the far left is the Mizuya-dana, with the tea ceremony entrance leading to the corridor on the left.
All fittings can be opened and closed.
Natural igusa tatami table is used.
The scale is 1/12, which is the standard scale for dollhouses, so you can decorate it with Japanese style furniture and accessories that are commercially available for dollhouses.


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