Real Green O : Ultrareal24 Plant Expression 3D Unpainted Kit Flower Type 1:24 1015

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Ultrareal24 (Ultrareal24) Products 3D printed parts unpainted kit 1:24 size

Overall kit size including support material: approx. 10cm x 6cm x 2cm high

Please paint with an airbrush or can sprayer, and detach the support material with scissors.
Water-based acrylic paint can also be applied by brush.

Please handle with care as it is easily damaged when strong force is applied.
The product may be deformed or damaged by high temperatures or ultraviolet rays. Store and use the product away from high temperatures and sunlight. Use instant adhesives or multi-purpose adhesives for bonding. Adhesives for plastic models cannot be used.
Examples are painted.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

3D printed plant models" ULTRAREAL24 instructional video (Video production: ULTRAREAL24)

Ultrareal24 is a realistic plant representation material.
The resin parts are made with a high-performance 3D printer and have some transparency and flexibility.
Please use airbrush or spray paint and detach the support material.
paint colors can be used to create a seasonal look or to make it look like another plant.
If you leave the transparency without applying a thick coat, you can also express the freshness of the plants.

It is sized to be easily used in combination with scale 1/24 car models and half-size dollhouses.
Ultrareal24 reproduces the delicate stems and the characteristic shape and attachment of leaves. Enjoy the realistic plant expression.

Ultrareal24 Series

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