English Garden : Sho Fujihira, Diorama art work 1:24 scale

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Sho Fujihira's Diorama art work 1:24 Scale
Produced in 2022

Artwork size deeply resented dimensions: 51 cm (width), 33 cm (depth), 30 cm (height)

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

Ultra-realistic English garden diorama (Video production: Diorama Fujihira)

This work was created with the intention of mastering the expression of plants in dioramas.
We used our own 3D modeling and 3D printed model of the plant so that we could know even the type of the plant. We also paid special attention to the painting to give it that plant-like quality and beauty of appearance.
The entire scene is composed with reference to gardening works inspired by the Yorkshire region of northern England.
The distinctive stone hut and the garden in harmony with the surrounding nature are recreated in this work.

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