Camping : Lion Model Sho Fujihira - Painted - 1:24 Scale

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Lion Model Sho Fujihira Pre-painted 1:24 Scale
Work size (including base): 20cm wide, 20cm deep, 22cm high

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

"Camping" (Video production: Sakatsu Gallery)

The motif is "compact and wild camping".
The tent is made with 3D and epoxy putty, referring to the Coleman tent. The rope is made of 0.2mm wire twisted and pegged with 0.3mm brass.
On the low table there is coffee and a fried egg bread made from resin clay.
It looks like breakfast is on the way.

My first 1/24 scale work
I've been working mainly in 1/150 scale until now.
This is my first work in 1/24 scale and I had a hard time to make it.
It seems that each scale of diorama is different.
I used to do a lot of climbing and camping when I was younger, so it was easy for me to imagine the landscape.

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