Japanese Silver Grass : Itsuro Saito - Painted N (1:150)

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Itsuro Saito Pre-painted Finished Work N Gauge (1/150) People are approximately 1cm tall in size

Size (max): approx. 255 x 125 x H110 mm

Rail : N gauge approx. 240 mm long
Note: For display only. Not designed for running cars.
Note:The vehicles in the photo are staged and not included.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

At dusk in autumn, a diesel locomotive runs by, swaying the golden silver grass.

This is the work of diorama builder Itsuro Saito, whose incredibly detailed depiction of 1/150 is almost entirely hand-crafted from full scratch and never leaves the viewer's mind.
A simple scene that cannot be faked. The more familiar and common the plant, the more difficult it is to make it look like it is, but the artist has managed to recreate a natural landscape. This book is a great example of how to make the most of the world around you.
The rails are based on TOMIX rails with a roadbed, and a wooden board about 0.3mm thick is attached over the original sleepers for realism. Although joiners are attached at both ends of the work to enable connection, there is a possibility that the flanges may interfere with the sleepers and prevent running. Please display, appreciate and enjoy.

Itsuro Saito's works

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